Recommended Golf Stretches

Fitness should be priority to a good player, to improve performance. Stretching before games has advantages including expanded flexibility, enhanced game execution, prevention from injury, counteracting muscle soreness and reducing stance stress. A warm-up prepares players physically and mentally through stimulation of the central nervous system.

Stretching in golf can help set the player up for a day on the course. Flexibility, strength, stability and coordination are required by the mechanism of a golf swing. Stretches may help improve golf swing as poor mobility can not produce club head speed.

Some of the Recommended Golf Stretches Include:

Shoulder Stretch

Place one arm straight crosswise over chest. Put hand on elbow and force arm towards chest and hold. Repeat the same for another arm.



Triceps Stretch

For triceps stretch place your one hand behind back with elbow in air. Place other hand on elbow and tenderly draw towards head. Hold and rehash the same with the other arm.



Wrist Stretch

While standing or sitting, extend your right arm straight out. Draw back your fingers with the other hand until the point when you feel an extend in your lower arm and then hold. Repeat the same for the other arm, and carry out this stretch twice for both arms.



Chest and Shoulder Stretch

This stretch can be carried out by fastening hands behind your back and then straightening your arms. Raise hands as high as you can and twist forward from the midriff and hold. This can be performed stooping or standing.



Back Stretch

Begin by bowing on the ground with your arms out before you. Slide your arms forward and gradually move your hips back towards your feet until the point when an agreeable extend is felt. Slide your hands to the right and the left, turning until a stretch is felt down each side of the torso.



Lower Back Stretch

The lower back stretch involves a twisting motion. Lay on your back with one knee drawn towards the chest. Slowly bend across the body until the point a stretch is felt. This stretch is felt in the hip and lower back area. Shoulders should be kept flat on the ground, while the bottom leg should be bent in order to keep the knees aligned.



Hamstring Stretch

Hamstring muscles help players in maintaining proper posture. To carry out this stretch sit on the ground in upright position. Stretch your right leg out in front of you and bend your left knee with your foot facing towards your right knee. Bend forward from the hips and hold once a stretch is felt. This stretch will be more effective with a straight lower back.



Quad Stretch

For quad stretch carry one foot up and snatch with your hand. While carrying out this stretch hang on to an object for support such as a wall. Until the point that you feel a stretch on the front of your thigh, pull your foot up. Hold for 10 seconds then unwind. Repeat the same stretch for your other leg.

These are the stretches that involve no equipment and will work out for everyone. Through stretching, muscles loosen up. Golf stretches ensure improvements to your game performance and enhance accuracy and increased confidence.

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